"Mushrooms reconnect us to the life cycle of the planet"

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms occupy a class of mushrooms separate from your typical culinary mushrooms like portabellas and button mushrooms. Most medicinal mushrooms are polypores, meaning 'many pores'. Polypores, when extracted into a bioavailable form, act in our bodies just like they do in the forest. This list includes mushrooms like reishi, chaga, turkey tail, cordyceps, lions mane, shiiatake, maitake, and many more.  Read more...


Coffee + Medicinal Mushrooms

Ascended Grounds transforms what it means to drink a cup of coffee. Using the ascended health practices of ancient masters, we are awakening your mug and your consciousness to upgrade your health and quality of life. Let us introduce you to the incredible synergy of medicinal mushrooms and coffee. Your "morning cup of joe" will never be generic again! Read more...

Where can you find us?

We got our start in the farmer's market scene here in Seattle. We operate at various farmer's markets during the summer, including Wallingford, Issaquah, and Ballard. Have a look at our Contact page for more information on Farmer's Markets, along with retail locations you can find our products!